Professional Development from the Tech Guru

Kami offers a variety of services to schools and districts. She is an avid user of technology and offers professional development on any type of device for the classroom. She is a self-taught technology guru. She is one of the original Pic Collage ambassadors, a Seesaw ambassador, and EPIC! Master teacher, and Classkick mentor.  With eight years of technology experience, Kami shows teachers the simple ways to help their amazing classroom run more smoothly and help children create authentic learning experiences.

Getting kids to go the EXTRA mile:

Creating QR code activities for your classroom. QR (quick response) codes are all over. Kids can scan these codes with their smart phone or iPads. The codes are in museums, on fast food sacks, on soft drinks, boxes of mac & cheese and in classrooms. What are they? What is their purpose? In this class, not only will we look at different activities to do with QR codes but also we will create our own activities for your school or classroom. These codes have LIMITLESS possibilities. We can create self- check math sheets, scavenger hunts, daily or weekly trivia, research projects, book reports, and much, much more. QR codes allow teachers to create teacher-guided Internet searches. Have your students find out more about topics you are learning in school. You will create activities that you could sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. Bring your iPad or laptop to learn how to make these original activities for all classrooms K-12. Take home hard copies of standard aligned activities that will be ready to go for the first of the school year. These one-of-a-kind sheets will have your students BEGGING to learn more!


iMovie Trailers For Your Classroom

Want to get your students super excited about the school year or about something you are getting ready to teach? Learn how to make an iMovie trailer that will have your students begging for more and asking you how to make them. iMovies are one minute in length but would be great as an anticipatory set to any science or social studies topic or to introduce yourself to your class.


1:1 Using iPads all day, every day

In this session, you will learn about the possibilities of what students could do with a device of their own. As soon as the students walk in, they are responsible for their own device and their learning starts there. Walk through a day with Mrs. B. and find out what students are doing in a 1:1 classroom that takes her learners above and beyond with their devices. Four apps: 1:1 devices= PAPERLESS


iPad Literacy/Math Centers

What if you only have two or three iPads in your classroom? Could they be used for interactive learning in your centers? We will discuss the many possibilities of activities that could be used independently by students as you work with small groups during math or reading time. Activities shared are using apps that cost little to nothing and keep your little ones thinking and creating as you work with others.


I have this iPad, what do I do now?

Tips and tools for Teachers with iPads

You will learn what you can do if you just have one iPad, or five iPads, or 2:1 ratio or the ultimate 1:1 set up in your classroom. We will show you how to rate and find apps. We will demonstrate some of the apps that have worked for us. You will learn how to use your iPad as a demonstration tool for learning. We will cover the basic of iPad usage to where you can eventually go after you find out what works for you. This workshop is for beginning iPad users.


Donor’s Choose: Why, When, and How?

Want something for your classroom but the district is tapped out? Let me show you how to do a Donor’s Choose project and get items for your classroom. This will be the basics of how to set it up, write your project, social media strategies, and matching codes for donors to use to help project get funded faster.


Classkick: Game Changing APP

Want to go paperless? No more cut and paste lessons for you. Let me show you how to use this app that has changed my classroom completely. From not having enough books, small group activities, introductory lessons, morning bell rings-this is the must have app.


EPIC! Books for Kids

This incredible app is being called the “NETFLIX” of books. Free for educators to use, let me show you how to set up your classroom, hold students accountable for their assignments, and assign books to students on a daily or weekly basis. This app has educational videos, read-to-me, and treasure of NON-FICTION books that will knock your socks off! Activities using this app will also be included in this session.

PIC COLLAGE-Taking Paperless to a New Level

Want to know the best kept secret in my classroom? Let me show you how to use my FAVORITE and easiest app for kids to create and show what they know! If we create it, it is usually in this very versatile app! If we show what we know, it is using this app. Tons of student examples will be shown along with graphic organizers for your classroom! This app is used for ALL subjects in our classroom!


Seesaw Basics: The Digital Portfolio

Seesaw is a digital portfolio for students to store their assignments. Parents love this app because assignments are sent to them like a text message. Let me show you how to set your class up and be ready for students to add projects the first day of school. This is a great place to show off what they know! This is for beginners of the Seesaw app.


Advanced Seesaw Tips and Tricks

Been using the app Seesaw for awhile and want to take it to the next level? If so, this session is for you! Create QR codes to hang in the hallway of student work, add things to the Class Blog, share activities for students to complete, add labels and captions to word sorts, and much, much more!


Building a Digital Footprint for Students Using The APP, Seesaw

Students need to learn at an early age what it means to leave a digital footprint. Using the app Seesaw, we can create an environment that allows students to write with an audience in mind. Examples of ways you can use the COMMENT section of this app alone will blow your mind! My Seesaw Bundle from my TPT store is included with this amazing session for all teachers.

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